What is 18eDoctors?

18eDoctors.com is an innovative, online healthcare platform designed to connect patients with a diverse range of medical professionals. It allows patients to easily search for and book appointments with doctors across a broad spectrum of specialties. The platform caters not only to patients but also to doctors, providing them with an avenue to create comprehensive profiles and reach a larger patient base.

Overview of 18eDoctors

18eDoctors.com is revolutionizing the way healthcare is accessed and delivered. Its central goal is to streamline the process of finding and booking appointments with medical professionals. It provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface where patients can view doctor profiles, their specializations, and their availability based on geographic location. It essentially bridges the gap between patients and doctors, making healthcare more accessible, efficient, and personalized.



18eDoctors.com is packed with features designed for convenience and ease-of-use. Some of these include:

  • Geo-Location: This feature allows patients to find doctors in their locality or within a specified distance from their location.

  • Specialty Filtering: The platform provides an extensive list of medical specialties for patients to choose from. This makes it easier for patients to find the right doctor for their specific health needs.

  • Doctor Profiles: Doctors can create robust profiles showcasing their credentials, specializations, and other essential information. This transparency enables patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare.

  • Appointment Booking: With a few simple clicks, patients can book appointments with their chosen doctors at their preferred time slots.

  • Ratings and Reviews: After their appointments, patients can rate their experience and provide reviews, offering additional guidance for other users in selecting a healthcare professional.